wooden spoon….

so today i decided to go and visit kitchen warehouse because i needed a wooden spoon with a long handle, as i need it to stir the PAELLA we are making on wednesday at the Bunbury South American festival. do you think i walked out with one? everything but actually.

i did manage a huge flour sifter, 2 thermometers, 3 aprons, a whisk, silicon piping bag and a stainless steel spaghetti pick up thing, not actually sure its name…lol.

so $200 later i still was without no spoon! why is it that when we walk into these kitchen gadget shops we cannot walk out empty-handed. well i cant anyway, i had to refrain from picking anything else, there were so many things i could have bought and do not need BUT does it matter? my daughter says “U have no room in the kitchen for that mum”  to that remark oblivious is my name and cha-ching rings in my head.

My dining room table sometimes has become a depository for bowls and trays and pots that i just rest till i make space in one of my display cabinet cupboards as my kitchen cupboards are tooooo fuuulllllllll……………………… and can i just add that i get excited when i have new kitchen gadgets ;)….

just a few words to justify my spending today  :))

alla prossima volta :*

(till next time ) 


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