A Visual sneaky peek into our cook book “SAPORITO”…

So here is a visual look into our cookbook SAPORITO.

we hope you enjoy it and it gives you a sense of how our family life is and how much cooking is a part of our lives.

the feeling we would love you all to feel when you purchase our book is that we want you to feel as we are in the kitchen with you, guiding you through the steps of the recipe. We want it to bring you warmth and a feeling of eagerness as you flick through the pages and decide what am i going to cook today!

Cook every recipe with love and it will come through your food and put a smile on your family and friends faces,




8 responses to “A Visual sneaky peek into our cook book “SAPORITO”…

  1. Hi Daniela and Stefanie I bought your cook book the minute it came out I LOVE it I wish that I could perfect myself more as I love cooking only that im unwell lately and have no energy I am Italian im 46 years old m mum never let me in the kitchen but when I got married it was learn by friends I made im dairy farmers wife and make my own breads pasta ravioli biscuits and would like to no more talk soon Rosetta Pinzone

  2. Hi Daniela e Stefania
    I live the UK and have just finished watching MKR with you on it.
    Yes I know we are 3 years behind here!
    I just wanted to tell you I loved watching you both. I laughed most the time with you and also cried when you did. I enjoyed watching you cook and have tweeted my Italian dishes to yours – mum enjoyed them too!
    I’m so happy that you have a book out.
    My mums Italian and dad is polish so it was good to see Sammy and Bella cooking too.
    My name is Daniela Stefana Daniells – yes I know pretty weird to have Daniells as a surname too! I have two beautiful teenage daughters who love to cook and help me cook Italian food.
    You are both an inspiration in traditional Italian cooking and values.
    Con un abbraccio affettuoso!!
    Daniela – UK

  3. Hi, do you have a recipe for stuffed baked artichokes Italian style. I come from a town called Vasto on the east coast of Italy, if that helps with the recipe. My mother used to make them and they were amazing, but she’s not with us anymore. Many thanks, Lee

    • Ciao Leonardo,
      In our recipe section we have a recipe for stuffed artichokes, i cook these on the cooktop but you can bake them also….. are these similar to the ones your mum used to make with sauce or did she make them in bianco?

      • Hi, they sound right. I guess the proof is to make them and see how they turn out, but they sound great. I’ll let you know how I go. Lee

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