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The Green Umbrella

Last week myself and my friend Donna went to a cookery demonstration in the local library. The two ladies giving the demo had been contestants on the last season of a reality cookery show called My Kitchen Rules. Its a show that I really enjoy and I believe a UK & Ireland version is currently being made with the lovely Lorraine Pascale as a judge.



Daniela and Stefania are cousins (double cousins in fact) and act like sisters, as in they bicker and joke non-stop! So amusing to watch but most importantly they cook delicious Italian food. We got to taste some lovely bites and I even had some cake (not sugar free) it was a chiffon cake and I was so interested in how it was made that I had to taste it. It was the lightest fluffiest texture and most interestingly it has to be made…

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So today my mum asked me to prepare a sweet for her because this evening she had a group of friends over to play cards. Well i thought i would make Cartocci fritti as i have’nt made them in such a long long time. they look divine and very easy to make.
I made a custard also to fill them and you can find the recipe on our blog under recipes .
I doubled the dose as written in our recipe section and was able to make 26… My family loved them my next door neighbours loved them and I hope my mum and her friends give me the thumbs up also.
From all your askings on our Facebook page i can see that all your mouths were watering also, so thats definitely a thumbs up or 2 😉
And by he way my mum scored 2 pizzas as well as that was what was on the menu in my household tonight.
Give these a go you will impress with little effort 🙂

Daniella e Stefania Saporito! Cookbook Review

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What's On The List?

IMG_3209“Remember to cook with LOVE and everything will taste better”
Daniela & Stefania

Opened my mail, what did I see?
Daniela & Stefania smiling back at me! Wink

I S-Q-U-E-A-L-E-D with delight (you KNOW by know HOW I squeal and YELL when it comes to all things food lol) courtesy of Zeitgeist Media Group on behalf of UWA Publishing, Saporita! cookbook was right in front of me!

Very HappyVery Happy

S-L-O-W-L-Y I opened Daniela’s & Stefania’s book and IMMEDIATELY could FEEL the warmth! Very Happy

I LOVE seeing family photos and food stories surrounding family…YOU?

I grew up in New York around “old world” Italian and “old world” Greek families!

EVERYTHING surrounded eating, gathering, sharing and respecting one’s aged rele. (Australian lingo for relative Wink)

Daniela & Stefania (as busy mums) have adapted their recipes offering “quick, easy and delicious meals for the whole family.” Very Happy

I REALLY enjoyed getting to learn…

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