So today my mum asked me to prepare a sweet for her because this evening she had a group of friends over to play cards. Well i thought i would make Cartocci fritti as i have’nt made them in such a long long time. they look divine and very easy to make.
I made a custard also to fill them and you can find the recipe on our blog under recipes .
I doubled the dose as written in our recipe section and was able to make 26… My family loved them my next door neighbours loved them and I hope my mum and her friends give me the thumbs up also.
From all your askings on our Facebook page i can see that all your mouths were watering also, so thats definitely a thumbs up or 2 šŸ˜‰
And by he way my mum scored 2 pizzas as well as that was what was on the menu in my household tonight.
Give these a go you will impress with little effort šŸ™‚


2 responses to “overwhelmed

  1. Bought the cook book saporito for the cartocci friti filled with custard and disappointed its not in there as advised on fb page

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