Zeppole a Vuot’

Zeppole a Vuot’

Absolutely divine!


1kg ooflour

4 medium boiled potatoes

1 tspn of sugar

1 tspn of salt

2 sachets of dry yeast

Vegetable oil for frying

Caster sugar

anchovies (optional)


Basically peel and boil your potatoes in enough water just covering , once they are cooked in keep the water they boiled in as this is what you will bind your ingredients together with. In a bowl sieve your potatoes and add the warm water kept.

Add all your ingredients and form a soft dough, like a pizza dough. If there is to much water add more flower or if too dry add more warm water.

At this stage let your dough rise till doubled about 1hr.

I make this dough also more runnier but still gluey enough to cook teaspoon fulls. It gives you a much lighter zeppole, if you make a thicker dough after risen you take a little piece roll into a ball and stick your anchovy in it if you desire and then cook it. If you make the runnier one once risen take teaspoon full and drop in hot oil, once golden drain then roll in sugar an enjoy!!

Yum! Yum! Yum! x


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