Decadent Brownie xx



250 gms unsalted butter

400 gms 70% dark cooking chocolate chopped

500gms caster sugar

4 large eggs

2-3 tspns of pure vanilla extract

2 tblspn cocoa powder

125 gms plain flour


200 gms of 70% dark cooking chocolate

125 mls of thickened cream


in a pot melt your butter, once melted take off the stove add your chopped chocolate and let sit for a few minutes then stir till well combined. In a mixer mix your sugar and eggs and vanilla till thick and creamy. Combine this to your melted chocolate and mix till well combined then sift your cocoa and flour and fold into your mixture. Pour into a lined rectangle baking pan and bake for 30mins at 180′ oven or until the top of the brownie has formed crust .

Take out and let rest in pan till cool. In the meantime in a pot bring your cream to a slight boil then take off the stove ad your chocolate and mix well and let cool till its a consistency you can spread over your brownie……. Thats it serve with ice-cream and enjoy! 🙂