About Us


Daniela and Stefania are two crazy cousins that love to cook!
Their passion for food comes from an Italian background as their parents are two sets of a brother and sister who married another set of brother and sister! CONFUSED? Totally understandable when you meet Daniela and Stefania.
Since entering My Kitchen Rules 2011 and were 3rd runners up, their love of food has taken over and changed their lives in a wonderful way.
Being blessed with so many wonderful opportunities and meeting so many wonderful people, Daniela and Stefania relish in sharing their passion for cooking and recipes to inspire one too cook.
Cooking is done with LOVE plain and simple. The more love you put into it, the better it tastes. It should not be looked upon as a chore to be in the kitchen, it should be looked upon as a Honour to cook for your family and friends and to feel contentment when you see a simple smile of satisfaction on ones face. No need for words a smile on a full stomach says 1000 words ;).
Daniela and Stefania are making noise with pots and pans and enjoying doing cooking demonstrations for many patrons like Bunnings , Officeworks, Private sectors and functions and also for wonderful Charities.
Their love and passion for cooking and their family bond as cousins is infectious, whether arguing, bantering or getting on wonderfully their adventure of food is far from over.
They will make you want to be in your kitchen 25/8 to see yourselves put smiles on your family and friends faces!
Your cooking will be all Saporito!



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