Daniela e Stefania Exclusive Kitchen Products!

Pastry board and Rolling pins

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Made from Birch Ply wood and Stainless steel Rod

would you like to prepare pasta and pizza and even biscuit dough the way Nonna does?

have in your kitchen the board that you will find in every italian’s kitchen in Italy……

our pastry board is the best thing to knead, roll,cut, anything pastry.

we don’t even wash it, just scrape the excess dough off, give it a good wipe and its ready for your next creative work.

we include our own comfortable size rolling pin and a fusilli steel rod.. WHATS THAT? well watch our video and you will see us making fusilli…you will master it also. i must say this is one of the most used kitchen piece in our own kitchen.
make pasta the versatile way and let us begin to teach you the many ways of making homemade pasta by your own HANDS!

Pastry Board Set:  $50 + $30 p&h (inc GST) Buy Now

Pastry Board Set: $50 (inc GST) – local pickup  Buy Now


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